Bio: 19 yrs

Pursuing BFA(Bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial/Communication&design ) from Massachusetts College of Art and Design(Transferred from Parsons School of Design NY)

UI/UX Designer at Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, rebranded as Elevance Health.

Digital Artist at SHIOM: Mona Lisa Time Reversal Project-This software is in the process of being developed to restore originality of old works.  

Completed High School in visual art education from “Walnut Hill School for the Arts .

Drawing/painting/ sketching-learned styles n techniques in pointillism, photorealism, hyperrealism, modernism, impressionism, surrealisms, cubism, architectural, abstract, digital, calligraphy anamorphic, line drawing, doodling, fashion, apparel design,  printmaking, sculpture, photography, books as art, ceramics, illustration, narrative and self taught Indian styles.  

Meghana Basi@Globalartacademy: Visit:  

Online Art School-Builds Imagination & Creative Thinking in Students from (K-12) The whole purpose of my art mentoring is to elevate student’s minds to think from a dynamic perspective!

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 7 Merit Scholarships to art/design schools

1. Parsons School of Design (NY) #1 in US - Merit Scholarship  

2. SAIC-School of Art Institute of Chicago-Ranked 1-5 in US-Merit Scholarhsip-Title-Creative honors award

3. Maryland Institute College of Art -MICA-Title-MICA VISIONARY-For Artistic Talent and Academic Achievement

4. Otis College of Art and Design LA (Ranked #4, hardest artschools to get into)-Title-PRESIDENTIAL SCHOLARSHIP-represents one of the highest honors bestowed upon students at the College. 

5. CCA-California College of Arts(CCA)-Title-CREATIVE ACHIEVMENT AWARD-In recognition of the high academic and creative promise of the student.

6. Massachusetts College of Art and Design branded as MassArt-Only public college of art and design in the US-selective-(merit scholarship given to public school seniors only)for High level Creative Accomplishment and Potential.

7. Pratt Institute: - Title-Presidential Scholarship awarded based on academic record and portfolio

8.New York University (NYU)-Stern/Tisch 

Preferred name: Meghana/Meghan Basi    Legal Name: Meghana Basireddy

MY STORY: I started engaging with colors at a very young age. By 8, I knew, I can draw gracefully on bigger canvases expressing my SELF! My first exhibit at age 12 was a window for Organizations to notice me & my works were sold out for charities.  Soon after I met my visual art mentors Jim and Ken at Walnut Hill School for the arts which was my highschool.  My progress throughout this journey has changed my perspective as an artist and I'm still getting to know myself each day.    My Art Journey...

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ARTIST STATEMENT: My art making process is when I lose conscience.  While working on any piece, I don’t realize the surroundings or ideas what I’m doing or making, I’m usually clueless.  Sometimes not having a clear-cut idea can help you explore and widen your horizons.  Sometimes you feel, you made a mistake, but mistakes happen for a reason& they could create the most interesting & diverse pieces of art. For me, art making is after all an invention, but intending to reduce expectations & not focus on the outcomes so much.  The outcomes are unpredictable, but that’s when you know, you are on the right track. I don’t keep a count of what type of materials in particular I gather, whatever is around me, it’s almost as though it is meant for me to see it at that moment.   I always get this vibe that I’m not the only one wanting to create my art, but I also have this upper force, as a support. 

Silent Film-Individuals in Rain

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EXPERTISE & CLASSES: National Art Educator member since 2019.  I started art mentoring at 14yrs, Initially it was a trial check for me.  Eventually I've spread around on weekends with a full schedule & was exploring to branch out more based on student requests, when the pandemic struck and I had to shut down my centers.  It was a huge challenge to transition from in person to online, especially with visual art education.  It taught me a lot of patience and innovation 'coz it was a bit of a struggle to alternate my new way of teaching visual art online.  I learnt that, every challenge can turn into an opportunity with a right attitude, positive perception and sturdy determination. My weekly  hour long classes teach students all genres/styles/mediums/techniques/textures of art, eventually turning them into unique artists with wider imagination & higher creative thinking to apply in their future lives, also resulting in an impressive portfolio to showcase their strengths.   I'm paving the path  I've walked thru for my students.  Visit:

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